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Amalgam Waste Disposal

Stay environmentally responsible with our dental waste transport and disposal services

amalgam-waste-by-mail-5gallonAmalgam waste contains mercury and silver and must be disposed of following proper regulations and handling procedures. Defective amalgam capsules that cannot be emptied should be placed with non-contact scrap amalgam for recylcing. Contact and non-contact scrap amalgam can be stored and salvaged inside of Medasend’s amalgam recycling containers.

Traps and filters used in vacuum systems must be properly disposed of. Both disposable and reusable amalgam traps, amalgam separators, vacuum pump filters and other sources of mercury (such as relays, switches, thermostats and mercury thermometers) must be disposed of through a hazardous waste hauler like Medasend.

Identifying dental amalgam waste

The following is a list of items that are considered amalgam waste and must be disposed of properly:

  • dental amalgam
  • amalgam separator traps
  • sterilized teeth
  • amalgam capsules
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