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Pharmaceutical Returns and Disposal

What is pharmaceutical waste?

pharmaceutical-waste-disposal-imageHazardous pharmaceutical wastes are drugs that are considered environmentally hazardous for the environment, as specified by RCRA (Resource Conversation and Recovery Act). RCRA drugs must be disposed of according to state and local regulations.

RCRA defines the following as hazardous waste:

  • Pharmaceuticals containing heavy metals and mercury (vaccines, thimerosal in eye/ear drops, barium sulfate preparations)
  • P-listed drugs including nicotine and warfarin
  • U-listed drugs including cyclophosphamide, lindane, melphalan, and mitomycin C

Pharmaceutical drugs that are classified under the following four characteristics – traits that could cause threat when transporting or destroying waste – are sometimes required to be disposed of into separate biohazardous waste containers. Drugs used in chemotherapy infusions are common examples of this.

  • Toxicity
  • Reactivity
  • Ignitability
  • Corrosivity

Disposing of unused drugs from home?

Please contact your local government agency responsible for management of waste/recycling about pharmaceutical take-back services. If one is not available in your city or county, please read what is recommended by the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) for proper disposal of unused pharmaceuticals.

Compliant Non-RCRA Drug Disposal

Healthcare physician and dental clinics, outpatient surgical centers, veterinary clinics and other medical offices currently work with Medasend to help ensure compliance and the safe disposal of pharmaceutical waste. This includes:

  • Partially-used drugs
  • Expired medication
  • Unused pharmaceutical drugs (samples, vials and/or ampules)
Medasend keeps your facility environmentally sound

Pharmaceuticals are known to enter surface waters from a number of sources, such as when drugs are flushed down the toilet. Medasend helps facilities remain environmentally sound by putting a pharmaceutical disposal plan into place and helping reduce pharmaceutical-related pollution.

Turn-key pharmaceutical disposal and training

Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation about how implementing Medasend’s pharmaceutical waste disposal program into your facility will help save costs and streamline processes.

  • Custom pickup plan molded around your facility current waste disposal schedule
  • Destruction manifest tracking system
  • Disposal containers that meet state and federal regulations
  • Medasend Complete Compliance training programs keep your facility and its employees fully trained in how to properly dispose of pharmaceutical wastes utilizing waste segregation techniques

Why choose Medasend?

Since 1999, Medasend has helped countless organizations by providing a safe, reliable and cost-effective medical waste disposal service.

Your concern is our concern

From private practices to facilities with thousands of employees and everything in between, Medasend can handle your medical waste disposal needs with speed and accuracy. Medasend genuinely cares about its customers and is able to deliver the prompt and reliable service that you deserve at a competitive price.

What you’re quoted is what you pay – No hidden fees!

While our competitors nickel and dime you with administrative, fuel, power and other hidden fees, Medasend customers will always only pay exactly what they are quoted. No extra charges. No hidden fees.

Custom pickup plans

For the past decade and a half, Medasend has built an error-proof, reliable and consistent truck pickup grid that makes it extremely easy for our customers to schedule medical waste pickups on a custom pickup plan.

Easy to read billing validated by completed manifests

Medasend puts a lot of time and effort into documenting and tracking of each of our clients’ medical waste. Required shipping manifests, tracking systems and more come packaged with our outstanding medical waste disposal services.

Exceptional customer service

No more waiting days and weeks! Our customer service staff and medical waste compliance specialists realize the importance of attending to the needs of our customers, and it’s not something we take for granted. With on-call staff available 24/7, your concern is our concern.

Call 1-800-200-3581 today to learn how you can save on pharmaceutical drugs disposal!
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