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United States – July 25, 2015

Medasend services 33 U.S. states for Job Corps

Medasend Biomedical, Inc. is happy to announce that we will be servicing Job Corps in 33 states across the nation. Read more…

California – February 5, 2015

California Department of Health renews medical waste disposal contract with Medasend

Medasend Biomedical, Inc. is pleased to announce that the California Department of Health (CDPH) has extended its contract with Medasend for at least one more year. The agreement will see Medasend provide medical waste disposal services to CDPH through at least June of 2015. Read more…

Sacramento, California – June 18, 2014

California Department of Veterans Affairs awards contract to Medasend Biomedical

Medasend is very excited to announce that it has been awarded a medical waste services contract by the California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet). CalVet is the state’s leading organization dedicated to assisting California veterans and their families. Read more…

San Diego, California – May 15, 2014

Starwood Hotel properties select Medasend as their medical waste provider

Two distinguished Starwood Hotel and Resort Properties, the US Grant Hotel and the W San Diego, have contracted their medical waste service to Medasend Biomedical, Inc. Located in the heart of San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, both hotels offer luxurious accommodations to its guests. Read more…

Sacramento, California – May 3, 2014

Medasend to service California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation utilizing energy-from-waste treatment process

Medasend will be responsible for the collection, removal, and disposal of pharmaceutical waste located at the Central Fill Pharmacy in Sacramento, CA. Read more…

April 23, 2014

Patton State Hospital praises Medasend medical waste pickup: “above and beyond what other biohazard services have provided”

Since 2013, Medasend Biomedical has been a medical waste service provider for one of California’s largest hospitals, Patton State Hospital located in San Bernardino County. The hospital’s Chief of General Services, Richard Catt, wrote the following statement praising Medasend’s excellence in service during the first nine months of providing medical waste disposal and pickup for Patton Hospital. Read more…

Hollister, California – February 17, 2014

Medasend to service Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area, a California State Park in San Benito County

In its first awarded contract with the California Department of Parks and Recreation, Medasend Biomedical will provide service to the Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA). Read more…

Sacramento, California – January 3, 2014

Medasend Biomedical to service twelve Medical Board of California locations

Leading medical waste disposal service provider Medasend Biomedical, Inc. announced on Friday their cooperation with the Medical Board of California in a deal that will see Medasend service twelve sites with medical waste pickup services. Read more…

Elk Grove, California – November 15th, 2013

City of Elk Grove contracts Medasend to provide pharmaceutical waste disposal service for city-wide collection boxes

Medasend Biomedical, Inc. announced that it has been contracted by the city of Elk Grove, California to provide pharmaceutical waste disposal service for collection boxes placed throughout the city’s pharmacies and police departments. Read more…

Atlanta, Georgia – October 30th, 2013

Medasend announces 3-year deal to become medical waste disposal service provider for Job Corps

Leading medical waste management company Medasend Biomedical announced a 3-year deal to become the medical waste disposal service provider for Job Corps, a vocational training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor and funded by Congress. Read more…

Costa Mesa, California – September 25th, 2013

Medasend signs agreement with 300-patient Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa, CA

Medasend Biomedical has signed an agreement with Fairview Developmental Center, a CDPH-licensed hospital founded in 1959 dedicated to providing care to individuals with developmental disabilities. The hospital currently houses more than 300 patients and is located in Costa Mesa, CA. Read more…

Barstow, California – August 27th, 2013

Medasend to provide medical waste services for Veterans Home of Barstow

The 400-bed facility, Veterans Home of Barstow, California, will be implementing Medasend Biomedical’s medical waste disposal services into their operations, it was announced. Read more…

Lancaster, California – August 19th, 2013

Medasend to provide medical waste services for Veterans Home of Lancaster

“Our relationship with the California Veterans Affairs is incredible, and we are so excited to see it continue to grow, especially with our latest announcement in servicing the Veterans Home of Lancaster,” said Risa Grand, M.D., Medasend’s VP of Health Services. Read more…

San Diego, California – July 18th, 2013

VA hospital awards hazardous waste services contract to Medasend Biomedical, Inc.

Medasend Biomedical, Inc. will become the hazardous waste and medical waste services provider for Chula Vista VA (Veteran Affairs) Hospital, part of the San Diego VA Healthcare System (VASDHS), the healthcare services company announced on Monday. Read more…

California – June 27th, 2013

California Dept. of Public Health to utilize Medasend’s medical waste services

Orange County, California – June 27th, 2013 – Medasend Biomedical, Inc. has been awarded a contract with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) microbial diseases laboratory and will become an integral part of its medical waste management services moving forward. Read more…

El Cajon, California – June 24th, 2013

Medasend announces El Cajon Police Department as latest waste services consulting client

Medasend Biomedical, Inc. announced that it has signed a contract with the El Cajon Police Department and will become its primary medical waste management provider. Read more…

San Bernardino, California – June 21st, 2013

Medasend becomes medical waste disposal provider for Patton State Hospital in San Bernardino County

Medasend Biomedical, Inc. and Patton State Hospital have inked a deal that will see the Redlands, California-based hospital utilize Medasend’s medical and hazardous waste disposal services. The hospital is the largest in California and is located in San Bernardino county. Read more…

Medasend’s Complete Compliance programs are a perfect addition to your medical waste service – there’s no easier way to stay compliant. Complete Compliance training programs help keep you and your staff safe, greatly helping reduce accidental exposure in the workplace.

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Healthcare Compliance and Waste Specialists

From private practices to facilities with thousands of employees and everything in between, Medasend handles medical and hazardous waste disposal needs with speed and accuracy. Medasend genuinely cares about its customers and is able to deliver the prompt and reliable service at a competitive price.

Decades of experience

Medasend ensures clients’ complete regulatory compliance and proper handling and disposal of medical and hazardous waste. With decades of experience combined, Medasend’s compliance staff are well versed with state and federal regulations pertaining to the disposal of biohazardous waste. Medasend is dedicated to helping organizations understand these regulations.

What you’re quoted is what you pay – No hidden fees!

Don’t get nickel and dimed by administrative, fuel, energy and other hidden fees! Medasend customers will always only pay exactly what they are quoted. No extra charges. No hidden fees.

Custom pickup plans

For the past decade and a half, Medasend has built an error-proof, reliable and consistent truck pickup grid that makes it extremely easy for our customers to schedule medical waste pickups on a custom pickup plan.

Easy to read billing validated by completed manifests

Medasend puts a lot of time and effort into documenting and tracking of each of our clients’ medical waste. Required shipping manifests, tracking systems and more come packaged with our outstanding medical waste disposal services.

Exceptional customer service

No more waiting days and weeks! Our customer service staff and medical waste compliance specialists realize the importance of attending to the needs of our customers, and it’s not something we take for granted. With on-call staff available 24/7, your concern is our concern.

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State regulations for medical waste disposal

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) offers a website with information about state medical waste regulations and programs. Click here to access it.

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